Atkins Holdings Limited


The Atkins Holdings Group roots go back to the formation of WS Atkins and Partners in 1938. The business became dormant during the Second World War during which time the founder, Bill Atkins, worked for the war effort. After the war the Partnership was reformed and the business began its meteoric expansion over the next forty years.

Until 1986 we were all part of one group under WS Atkins Limited, which was then separated into two different businesses. This allowed management and staff in WS Atkins, the consultancy, to purchase a major shareholding prior to a full Stock Exchange listing some 10 years later.

Atkins Holdings was formed to take over non-consultancy related trading interests and the property portfolio built up since the 1960’s. This business remains wholly owned by the Atkins Family and Trusts with involvement of third-generation family members.

In 1986, Atkins Holdings had interests in property investment and development, land reclamation, insurance, computing, printing, finishing, testing laboratories and oilfield inspection testing services. In subsequent years these also included venture capital interests and a specialist nursery garden.

Since Atkins Holdings was formed over 25 years ago, much has changed both locally and economically in the world as have the interests of the Group. Some years ago the shareholders decided to reduce the activities of the business which were considered too diverse. As a result the testing labs, oil inspection and computing interests were sold.

The property interests were growing significantly so it was then decided to concentrate on this along with a limited number of venture capital investments and sell off the printing, finishing and nursery businesses.

Whilst the company’s venture capital interests are decreasing, it retains investments in sterilising technology, web design and retail point of sale business sectors in the UK and overseas.


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