Atkins Holdings Limited

Atkins Financial Investments

Listed Investments

During the year PuriCore plc (previously Sterilox Technologies, Inc) floated on the London Stock Exchange. In spring 2007 PuriCore obtained FDA approval to supply its medical products in the United States. PuriCore supplies sterilising technology mainly to the medical and food hygiene industries. We also have an investment in Chelford Group plc; a software solutions provider.

Unlisted Investments

In spring 2007 we sold our investment in Cambridge Education Group.

We have a shareholding in Episys Group Limited which specialises in providing point of sale hardware and software solutions to large retailers together with stock control software. The company is well established in the UK and is looking to grow its business by targeting North American retailers and establishing business partnerships elsewhere in the world.

Atkins Holdings has a number of other investments.


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